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Lord Lamont The prime minister wants to notify the EU of the UK's intention to leave by the end of March but needs the approval of Parliament to do so. The House of Commons has approved legislation which would kick-start the two-year process, but the Lords has already amended the bill and Labour, Lib Dem and crossbench peers are seeking further changes when debate resumes. Mark D'Arcy: Will Lords rise up again? Ministers have given verbal assurances that Parliament will have a vote on the terms of the UK's exit before the final package is considered by the European Parliament. Were MPs or peers to reject a deal agreed with the other 27 states, the government has said the UK would still leave, albeit without any formal arrangements. But critics are concerned what will happen if there is no deal to vote on, something the government has said is unlikely but possible, and they want Parliament to have the authority to send ministers back to the negotiating table to secure better terms. Lord Lamont, a Brexit-supporting peer who served as chancellor between 1990 and 1993, said arguments for a "meaningful vote" seemed to be predicated on the view that the British public, which voted to leave the EU last year by a margin of 51.9% to 48.1%, would have a change of heart at some point. "The result was clear, the question was simple and unambiguous and yet Brexit is under attack on several fronts," he said in a speech in London. "Some say maybe in the future the British people will change their minds. By that, they mean that they would like to change their minds for them." 'Deeply damaging' Adding to the Article 50 bill was not the same as scrutinising it, he argued.

However, Hudson's Bay has yet to get the financing needed for that potential acquisition, and the report paints a bleak outlook for this deal ever reaching completion. For Macy's, which has struggled in recent years between lower mall traffic and a rise in online shopping, this buyout could have been a way for investors who've stuck with the company to be given a boost. Macy's stock has fallen 30% in the last year. Image source: Macy's. Now what Even though its valuation has fallen considerably in recent years, Macy's still has a market cap of nearly $10 billion, meaning that a buyout would be a considerable quest for most potential suitors. The market cap for Hudson's Bay itself is less than $2 billion. Still, while a buyout of Macy's might not be likely in the immediate future, the company has some potentially major value to be unlocked by selling off pieces of its valuable real estate, which it has proved willing to do; sales of its properties have been ramping up in recent months, including the announced sale of its famous store in San Francisco's Union Square. With earnings down more than 42% year over year in fiscal year 2016, the company certainly needs some drastic moves for the stock to be worth pursuing now. Seth McNew has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy .

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You cannot get that weird. On Friday, he blamed the protest movement that has taken over the new Democratic Party for the outcry but reminded listeners that he was talking about women in Congress, coequals whom he stressed get paid the same as congressmen and attend the same votes. These are not victims of some, you know, egregious action by their male-dominant counterparts, he said, going on to lament the fact that things are so often taken literally nowadays. I referenced, you know, the bad-looking pantsuits, if you will. Thats not a literal statement, he said, reasoning: I wouldnt know a good-looking pantsuit from a bad-looking pantsuit. Cramer found himself under fire for appearing to police what women can wear when his comments were reported. He insisted, however, that his criticism wasnt sartorial. By Nolan D. McCaskill What was ugly was their demonstration, their rudeness, their...all sit together and make vulgar or make inappropriate hand gestures to the president of the United States while hes delivering a message to the joint session of Congress, he said. They groan and moan and hiss and then they rush out of the room as soon as the speech is over, ahead of the president, which violates just common sense and good manners. And somehow my, you know, off-the-cuff reference to their pantsuits is the story, but therein lies the problem with the mainstream media in America today. Cramer added that he has gotten a lot of support from his colleagues, including women. Because they saw it.

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